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Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

does anyone have any idea what kind of interest rate i can get or if i can even get a loan. the only debt i have is a 4k school loan. i live in northern indiana. where should i look first. no buy here pay here rip offs.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

there are alot of other variables when it comes to financing instead of just credit score. being that your self employed it can make it alot more difficult. most secondary banks will require proof of income. if your self employed that means they need the last 2 years tax returns including your schedule c's. most self employed people write off as much as they can so they don't get killed on taxes or don't have to pay taxes. the problem w/ this is that you then cant prove your income. if you show negative income or a smaller income the bank cant use it. a few lenders i use will take the last 3 months worth of bank statements showing what you deposited to figure your income but there are only a few out there.

A website I've recommended in the past would be...

Hope that helps.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530? but the rate won't be any better than the buy here pay here people.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

doubt it unless you have a lot of cash, or if you have a co-signer. I 530 fico is very very low... time to build credit... get a secured credit card.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

Search for a place in your state with a %26quot;fresh start%26quot; program. My husband and I just bought (financed) an $18,000 truck with a score much like yours. We're in California though, and went through Paul Blanco, which offers a great fresh start program for those with poor or not-so-good credit. With the economy as it is, I'm assuming there are places like this in every state. And if you find one, make sure you pay your note on time every month to help boost your credit score. Best of luck to you!!!

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

Today every person has need of car, because it has become the necessary need for the people and status symbol also. If you have bad credit history or poor credit history and look for purchase a car, then it is very tough for you. Due to bad credit history, lenders are not keen toward%26lt;!--providing you loan, but do not be discouraged.Generally, bad credit car loans are available at higher interest rate, but you can take at competitive interest rate after placing your assets as collateral in secured bad credit car loan. You may find some car loans here,

You also can grab bad credit car loan without keeping your asset as collateral, but you have to pay competitively higher interest rate. Hence--%26gt;you can take this loan at better rate, because competition among lender.You can reduce your interest rate after talking with the lender

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

You can most likely get a car loan for a used car, not necessarily a new more expensive car. Expect to pay higher rates than you see advertised - 3 to 6% more. I may be classified as C or D paper. If you can save up a down payment it could help lower your rate. be sure you have enough left over each month for insurance, gas, and maintenance.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

You can get bad credit car loan as either secured or unsecured. Secured bad credit car loan comes with the threefold benefit of low interest rate and increased repayment term and huge principal. But this type of loan requires you to offer your property as collateral. Your home is at risk if you fail to pay the monthly installment. But this is not permanent and holds true only if you miss or delay your repayment.

This type of risk is absent in an unsecured bad credit car loan. However, if you miss any payment, your lender can file a legal case against you. As you do not offer any collateral, you have to pay higher rate of interest.


Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

yes u surely get a car loan with this credit score.but you should search dor the right bank.its better for you to try for an online loan.i think that th e below website will help you to find the right solution.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?


In regards to your question, i would advice you to visit Clarkson Micro Finance Incorporated.

Few months ago when i had a bad credit a friend of mine introduced me to them, Inspite of my bad credit they were able to lend me a loan of 25,000, British pounds within the space of two days of which i used to revive my business, I think you too can do the same as well, regardless of your nationality.

You can reach them via


Victoria Dingley,

From Newcastle, England.

Can i get an car loan with a credit score of 530?

Maybe this resources is useful for you,Have a look,it is free.Good luck for you.


  1. You sure do! Lenders are able to give car loans nowadays even if you have a bad credit. There are some of them who even don't do credit check. Of course, only those highly regarded car financing companies are capable to do that.

  2. This happens in particular to those buying a car, and if you’re shopping for a vehicle while working to improve your
    credit rating you might find a few hurdles are present.However, you can absolutely secure a loan to get a car if you keep a few things in mind.
    what credit
    score is needed to buy car
    And best of all,if you do it properly your auto loan will actually have a big impact on improving your credit score. Here are a few tips to remember.



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