Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Question about refinancing car loan..?

alrought, bought a car in august 2005

interest rate was very high. but i had no credit to get it any lower

its 2007 and I have plenty of credit cards with i would assume.. a good credit score than in 2005 (im 20 years old)

chase is my lender, but they aren't in california so i cant go into a chase location and get a better interest rate... what is you guys recommendation for a better interest bank?? washington mutual? credit union? bank of america??

Question about refinancing car loan..?

You should definitely go with a credit union if you can. Credit unions tend to always look out for their customers. You will definitely get a much lower interest rate with a credit union. I just turned 21 %26amp; got my first car when I was 20. I have a couple of credit cards and a good credit score. But because I have a PT job %26amp; I'm young, some of the dealerships gave me a hard time. But the credit union financed my car without a co signer %26amp; with a great interest rate.

Question about refinancing car loan..?

I am glad you listed credit union as an option; This is the best for anyone that is in the work world. I would suggest that you try to buy a 2006 financed by the dealer at 0% with your old car in trade. This gets a car off the lot that the dealer is trying to move, and they will get more for the sale of your car than they have to pay. YOU GET A CAR WITH 0% INTEREST.

I was surprised when I got a 0 down 0% interest note on my car. By buying the end of model, I loose choice. Beggars should not be choosy. If the dealer option is not available use the credit union to buy a new car, trade in the one you have to cut the amount you are borrowing. You may get twice the car for the same monthly payments. CAUTION make sure the length of new payments are not longer than the time it will take you to pay off the current car note.

Question about refinancing car loan..?

I have placed this in the source box. There is a wealth of information there and a great free debt management software program. I bookmarked the site as I return to it often for the advice it offers. I hope this helps you.

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