Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crazy 88 car Loan / Financing?

Just out of curiousity, I do not need a loan but I was wondering is this for real? Seems like a scam somehow. I couldn't find any dirt on the web about them. Went, all i see is an application. No terms, or anything about the company. What's this all about someone please tell me. Someone out there has to have dealt with them.

Crazy 88 car Loan / Financing?

There have been other people asking about this... a good website?qid=20070225072322AASGLI5

I've bookmarked this site to go back to next time I need a loan...

Have a nice day.

Crazy 88 car Loan / Financing?

I have never dealt with them nor know of anyone that has but it probably is just like drive-time where everyone is guaranteed a loan and when they get there they are so excited that they never look at the fiance rate until they get home or someone tells them that they are paying $200.00 a month for 96 months on a car that is likely only worth 10,000.00, then its to late.

Crazy 88 car Loan / Financing?

I don't know about that one. But try advantage motors or one of those places that finance right there. People seem to do ok with the company ones.

Check these links on Crazy88;q=con...

Crazy 88 car Loan / Financing?

you need to shop around there is so many car dealer provide a bad credit loan,

try Union Auto Sales 201-724-2910

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