Monday, October 26, 2009

I need some advice on getting a Car Title Loan in Mississippi?

I have a clear Title on my car. I was wanting to know if anyone new an online title loan website that will loan me the money by me faxing them a copy of my Title.

I need some advice on getting a Car Title Loan in Mississippi?

there is alot of car companies and loan artists that will do what you want except for one thing . You will need to send them the title and they will send you back a the title with a lien on it . If you fax them a copy Mississippi or most every state will not attach a lien to it as it is not the original and therefore they have no legal right to the car in case you default , or for that matter sell the car and take the money and run . Sorrty to be bearer of bad news .

I need some advice on getting a Car Title Loan in Mississippi?

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