Saturday, October 31, 2009

Should I refinance my car loan again?

A few days ago I refinance my 21% six year loan to an 11.5% four year loan with a credit union (when all websites and banks rejected my refinance request). What I'm wondering now is, how long should I wait to refinance for a better rate? I'm thinking in 6-8 months I'll refinance with the same credit union for a 3 year loan. Any advice?

Should I refinance my car loan again?

Im sure you know that the refinance percentage is based off of your credit history/score. I would recommend to wait at least 12 months. Any inquiry on your credit will last for 2 years, so you don't want to run the risk of having them run your credit at the 6 month mark and them not approving it because you don't have an adequate length pay history. If they did deny it, then you would have to run it again at the year point. Also, by waiting at least 12 months, you are showing the credit union (or bank) that you have made 1 years worth of monthly ontime payments. Hope this helped.

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Should I refinance my car loan again?

Its like buying a car before a year has gone by. The more you refinance the less you will find someone to do it. All you can do is look around but it might not be to your liking. A Credit Union should be around 4-5% not 11.5 If you have good credit. maybe look around for another credit union.

Should I refinance my car loan again?

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Should I refinance my car loan again?


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