Monday, October 26, 2009

I am looking for a very fast loan....?

I need a loan for $5,000.00 within three days, my car was repossed %26amp; i have no transportation, i stay out in the country %26amp; have to drive 30 minutes to my job. I'm trying to find a quick loan, i have poor credit, no bank accounts. I was almost scammed 2 times this week already. Can anyone give some true serious advice plz ???

I am looking for a very fast loan....?

No surprise people aren't lining up to give you a loan.

I'd take up jogging...

I am looking for a very fast loan....?

Do you have family that can assist you in finding a place by your job or can lend you some transportation. You don't NEED a $5,000 car - if anything a $1,000 one will work - start selling your stuff (Ipods/cell phones/big screen TV)

Last thing you need is to borrow more money. Get on a plan and get out of all this debt or it will keep you in a poverty cycle. will teach you where to start.

Maybe you can work for people in the area - like cleaning houses or something so you can earn some extra money.

I am looking for a very fast loan....?

Serious advice: Forget a loan. Why would anyone loan money to a very poor risk?

Sell your, furniture, whatever you possibly can sell. Use that money to get a used scooter to get you to work. Find a room mate.

I am looking for a very fast loan....?

Your car was repo'd so you are going to borrow the money to get it out? Then you will pay your car payments and the loan payment? If you could not pay the car payment before, where will this extra money come from?

I can't imagine any LEGITIMATE source will loan you money in this situation. You will have to sell something, borrow from family, get an advance from your boss, or move on and a cheap used car that you can actually afford.

This time PAY CASH for a cheap car and save up for a better one.

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