Monday, October 26, 2009

Ontario Car Loan/Financing and have moderate-bad credit?

Hi I need to get a car but don't have money to buy one, so I was thinking about financing one.. does anyone know of a car dealership in Ontario that will finance newer cars (2002-2007) at a reasonable price a month. I'm a student, 20 years old, I have credit cards and have okay credit I would assume.

Also do you know a place that would help someone with really bad credit?

Thank you!

Ontario Car Loan/Financing and have moderate-bad credit?

Poor credit car loans have been specifically designed for those people who have trouble getting credit due to their credit score being too low, if your credit score is too low then you will be seen as a huge risk and as such the lender will not take a chance on you and so turn you down. You can bring your credit rating back up by doing certain%26lt;!--things but it does take a long time and if you want your car now then applying for a poor credit car loan could be your only or best option.Just as with any other type of loan if you go to a specialist then you will get the best deal. You may get the car loan you want from here,

When applying for a poor credit car loan you have to realise that you are never going to get the very lowest of interest rates that others have the luxury of securing but if you go with a specialist they will be able to get you the lowest among loans associated with a poor credit rating. Along with getting you the cheapest possible poor credit car loan the specialist--%26gt;website will also be able to offer you the best advice. However unless you know something about car loans and in particular what to look for when it comes to getting a poor credit car loan then you could end up paying way over the odds for the privilege of getting the loan.

Ontario Car Loan/Financing and have moderate-bad credit?

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